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The King Points Bar at level one.

King Points represent King Roland's favor to you as the Wandolier. It's origin comes from when Lyndsay asks "Your Majesty, there's just one thing I don't understand... How do we know when we've completed the quest?!". King Roland responds by saying that he will hear stories of your achievements. Each little accomplishment, you will earn some of his favor, and he will reward you for your efforts. Lyndsay exclaims that, "Oh, so you're giving us points for helping people?". She then decides to call them "King Points". King Roland, a bit puzzled, replies, "...Uh, sure, King Points. If you earn enough, I'll be sure to send Guillermo along with a thank-you note and some nice rewards." The King Points meter is similar to how the Star Level in MySims rises. You can be rewarded outfits, Scrolls, and other useful things when reaching a new King Point level. There are 5 King Point levels, like how there are 5 Star Levels. The King Point level can be seen on the top left corner of the screen. Mousing over it will show a fraction that shows how much points away you're from the next King Points level.

King Points Level 1[]

Points Required: 100

Rewards: You can now access Cowboy Junction, and Renée's Nature Preserve.

King Points Level 2[]

Points Required: 325

Rewards: You are given access to Rocket Reef. A few new hairstyles and outfits. Also, after completing the Rocket Reef storyline, you are given the maps of Candypalooza and Forest of the Elves.

King Points Level 3[]

Points Required: 1105

Rewards: You are given access to Spookane and Cutopia. A few new outfits and hairstyles. You also receive the Building Blocks Scroll.

King Points Level 4[]

Points Required: 1900

Rewards: You are given access to The Royal Academy, Trevor Island, and the Uncharted Isle. Also are given the Fit For A King Scroll and a few hairstyles/outfits.

King Points Level 5[]

Points Required: 3210

Rewards: Congratulations! You've unlocked the Reward Island. You are also now able to watch the Credits whenever you please. You also get the Throne Room Scroll. A few new hairstyles and outfits. You are able to find Castle Pieces to use on islands other than Capital Island, found in the part of the catalog that has the island you are on's icon on it. Also are able to put furniture exclusive to each island on other islands in some islands (like Arcade Games, Electric Guitars, Podium, etc). On the Reward Island, you are given the addition to place Figurines, Essences, and Flowers you've collected throughout the game, as well as Windmills to power your contraptions. However, this is only possible on the Reward Island.