Marlon's castle on the Isle of Magic

The Isle of Magic is the home of Marlon the Wizard, who lives in a wacky-looking castle. You go there to train to become a Royal Wandolier. On the Isle of Magic, there are chests in the area that you need to open up to pass the Royal Wandolier trials. One is near the beach, one is in the back of Marlon's castle, and others are on the sides of the castle between the trees. There is also a sixth one located on top of Marlon's castle.

Island ResidentsEdit

  • Marlon (he also resides on Capital Island)
  • You (temporarily, as you get tested)
  • Princess Butter (temporarily, as she gets tested)
  • Barney (temporarily, as he gets tested)


  • This is the only island you cannot revisit, as it is not in the map, it isn't in the Travelogue (besides Reward Island), and does not have a dock.
  • This island appears to be very similar to Reward Island geographically.