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This paint has a Paint interest, and a Structure interest.

This character's interest, as shown on their Relationships Book page, has an interest of Fun.

In MySims Kingdom, Interests are categories that define each piece of furniture, structure, house, or object you make with your Wand as the Wandolier. This is used for tasks, when a character asks you to add a certain amount of an Interest to a certain area. You can see what Interest each furniture is by looking at the Interest symbols shown when mousing over it in the catalog. Each character's Interest are shown in all the characters' profile screens as well in your Travelogue's Relationships Book, and they only have one liked Interest, no hates or secondary Interests unlike in MySims. However, Interests don't play as much of a significant role for characters as the original MySims did, and they are just categories. They are only shown on the character screens just for kicks, and characters do not react upon or improve relationships with you if you add their liked Interest to an area.