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In the MySims series, there are categories of things each Sim is interested in (such as something Cute, something Spooky, or something Geeky). Objects may also be defined by these accordingly. These are interests. Interests play a different role in each game, but generally, they define the preferences of the Sims in the game.  

Roles in games[]


  • In MySims, if you are nice to a sim, they will talk and dream mostly about their "loved" Interest. If you are mean to them, they will talk and dream more about their "hated" Interest.
  • In MySims, if a Sim has an interest that another Sim hates, the two Sims will not get along. However, they can still get along if they have another interest in common (for example, DJ Candy "Supergroove" hates Tasty, but can still get along with Tasty Sims as long as they also like Fun).