Industrial industry

The Industrial District is an area you can access by subway after you have completed investigation at the Mountains. It is very bleak and dirty, giving the feel of a district with very poor economy. Dr. F conducts his studies in his lab north of the district with his assistant Alexa Lexington and his robot T.O.B.O.R. DJ Candy "Supergroove" spins records at her disco in an old warehouse with her crew Zack and Sapphire. Brandi and Esma are also seen around here, supposedly planting trees to "make the world a better place, because MorcuCorp cares!" You come here and witness an argument between Ol' Gabby and Barney over the boat that Barney purchased at the junkyard. After investigating Dr. F, a crazy scientist living in a lab on the hill, you find that he was having his robot T.O.B.O.R steal parts from the junkyard for his experiments. Brandi later asks to have you investigate DJ Candy's radio towers to see if they're killing the plants they're trying to grow. It turns out they amplified the signal themselves for a MorcuCorp project. DJ Candy later reports to hearing a strange sound which is turns out to be another Morcucorp project. Brandi and Esma were mining for Destinite which, when exposed to radiation from the towers, becomes Fortunite, a vital part of Crown of Nightmares which Morcubus wants to recreate.

Residents and VisitorsEdit


  • Grit, junkyard watchdog


  • Industrial District
  • Cargo Container
  • Dr. F's Lab
  • Club Candy
  • Sewer

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