Ian-Template Ian Arneson

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 4
Role Typical Resident
Residence Name Ian Arneson's House

Ian Arneson is a nerd who was raised by Elmira Clamp (his aunt). He often talks about machinery and has a very sophisticated, intelligent way of speech. Despite his academic appearance, he enjoys Geeky things.


Ian Arneson is a quiet, well-mannered boy. Why? He was raised in a library by his Aunt Elmira!









Hotel introductionEdit

  • Hello, my name is Ian. I specialize in building prototypes that simulate complex behaviors.

Accept move-inEdit

  • Ok. I don't have a house, though, so you'd have to build me one.

After you build houseEdit

  • I'm glad there's a house for me to live in now. Thank you.

Request for more stuffEdit

  • I really wish my house was just filled with machinery that would allow me to simulate complex behaviors.

Star Level 4Edit

  • I generated a computer program for my aunt that allowed her to keep track of library books. But someday I hope to build a robot that will do this for her.
  • I'm currently devising a prototype that simulates fluid dynamics. What programming language do you recommend I build it in?
  • My bookish demeanor may be due to my being raised in a library by my Aunt Elmira. I suppose there is nothing that can be done about it now.

Star Level 5Edit

  • You can never be truly certain of an idea unless it is prototyped and tested. This is what I believe.

Best friendEdit

  • Having thoroughly tested the prototype, I am declaring our trial friendship a complete success. Now to begin work on simulating a Best Friend Forever scenario…

Best friend rewardEdit

  • Bookshelf - Magnetic blueprint


  • On the back of the MySims case Ian is shown with brown hair, it was most likely the original art for him. (Like Iggy's original art, and Makoto's, on the front.)
  • Ian's aunt is Elmira Clamp.
  • Ian makes cameo appearances in MySims Racing, after you complete the Town Cup, as a resident of Speedville.
  • Ian and Clayton Dander are the only Geeky Sims who don't appear in any other games.
  • Ian appears in SimCity Creator as the Utilities Advisor for the city.
  • Out of the sims that have a blueprint as their best friend reward, Ian is the only one to not complain when it's missing from their house (apart from Cassandra, who doesn't have a house).
  • He shares his interests with Spencer.

Foreign namesEdit

  • English: Ian Arneson
  • Polish: Jan Arneson
  • Spanish: Yago Aranda


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