Hopper is a cute young boy who is obsessed with frogs. He is dressed up in a frog suit and completely acts like one, and he uses the word "sproing" often.


  • Hopper's suit was made by Dolly Dearheart.
  • Sometimes Hopper will say "It's not easy being green", a reference to The Muppets character Kermit the Frog.
  • Hopper has freckles in MySims and MySims Agents, but has none in the other games in the series.
  • Hopper is the only uber Sim to appear in MySims Kingdom.
  • Hopper is the only Sim that does not have the interest Spooky or Geeky in Mystery Forest.
  • In MySims Party, it is revealed that he didn't always wear a frog suit; when he was a baby, he wore a tadpole costume instead.
  • If you listen closely to him in MySims Kingdom, when he's by the pond and not talking to anyone, he sometimes makes noises like Yoshi from the Super Mario video games.
  • Hopper appears slightly insane in MySims Kingdom, even after you give him the broth.
  • In his profile for MySims Kingdom, Hopper lived on another island before he traveled to the Forest of the Elves by pedal boat, just like how Violet used to live on Spookane.
  • Hopper was also set to appear as a rival racer in MySims Racing (Wii), however he was cut at a later date.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Hopper
  • French: Eric Hochet
  • Spanish: Saltarín
  • German: Hüpfer

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