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Animal Info[]

Animal Pigeon
Home Island Capital Island

Guillermo (pronounced Gee-AIR-Moe) is Buddy's pet carrier-pigeon who sends messages back and forth between Buddy and King Roland. Guillermo also delivers you new maps and scrolls. When you get five King Points, Guillermo delivers a message from King Roland, and eventually as you progress throughout the kingdom, earning more King Points, you receive a message, notifying you that you're getting an island of your own! At first Lyndsay thinks he is absolutely useless, but after time when she receives the maps she realizes that Guillermo is a big help. Near the end of the game Guillermo brings a sandwich instead of a new map.


  • Guillermo in Spanish translates into William or Bill in English.
  • Guillmero was referenced in The Sims Medieval as the "Royal Carrier Pigeon".