Kingdom Resident Ruthie Grandma Ruthie
Grandma Ruthie MySims Kingdom Original Outfit

Character Info Edit

Role Cookie Company Owner
Home Island Spookane
Interest Food

Grandma Ruthie travels to Spookane and opens up a store in order to make sales with the citizens of Spookane whose demographic don't really buy her products. She plans to change this and hopes to run a sucessful business. But clearly her cute and "delicious" house won't be attracting any spooky Spookaners anytime soon. That's where you come in, she depends on you to change the exterior and interior of her business in order to attract new customers. And she even gets a makeover herself!


Do you want to know the secret ingredient that made Grandma Ruthie's Oatmeal Cookies such a colossal sucess? Marketing. Sadly, Spookane's demographic just isn't buying her wholesome, homespun advertising campaign.