Goth Boy is, well, a Goth. He prefers to stay hidden in his misery and dark solitude, and refers life to be as bleak and meaningless as his soul. He's cynical and pessimistic, and often depressed. He prefers to be garbed in black with chains and piercings. He often writes gloomy poetry. He runs a poetry house in your town, lives in a cathedral-like house on Spookane, runs a tattoo business in Speedville as well as races and mans the Turkey on a Fork stand on the Boardwalk in the City. He works for the Specter Squadron in SkyHeroes.


  • Goth Boy's beta name may have been Herman as his profile stated his real name which can be seen in an exclusive walkthrough video with Executive Producer Tim LeTourneau. However, the game in the video was probably an early version or beta as the name/profile description was never actually in the current versions for the Wii and PC. To see the walkthrough go here.
  • Goth Boy appears as an employee for MorcuCorp, during the events during Star Level 3 in Racing, but he does not actually work for them or even acknowledge his affiliation with MorcuCorp. He just runs a tattoo business and is not hostile to the racer.
  • In Kingdom and Racing (DS)Goth Boy's skin appears to be more pale.
  • In the intro of MySims, Goth Boy's voice is Buddy's but it's different in gameplay. Also, his bangs hang over his right eye in the intro, while during gameplay-and through all of the other games-they hang over his left eye. Additionally, his actual voice type is Grandma Ruthie's, but at a lower pitch.
  • Goth Boy is rarely shown with eyebrows except in his concept art, where he has eyebrows. However, when he has been shown with them, they are sometimes red/orange, implying that his natural hair color is red.
    • Alternately, it could just be his face folding in a manner indicative of his intended expression, since he doesn't have visible eyebrows by default.
  • In MySims, Goth Boy has three paintings on his wall called Mortimer, Bella and Alexander. These are the names of three of the members of the goth family in The Sims 2.
  • In SkyHeroes (DS), mentions that his mother owns a minivan.
  • In the DS version of SkyHeroes, his name is spelled as GothBoy instead of. The console versions don't have this error, as his name is spelled as.
  • On his Agents concept art, he appears to have a tattoo of a Z on his upper arm, yet in the game, he does not have this.
    • This could be because, in most other games, does have a tattoo on his arm (albeit one with a different, more detailed design).
    • He also mentions that Justice is working on a tattoo design for him in the game.
  • In Agents, he claims to live in his mom's basement.
  • His intro in the hotel may be a reference to the Disney animated series Darkwing Duck.
  • He makes an appearance in this form on The Sims 4.
  • He is the only Sim in to hate your town getting higher ranked, as he says it makes his poetry fail.
  • Goth Boy's French name, Hugo Tique, is a pun on "gotique", the French word for "gothic."
    • This seems to be is actual name in French, as Hugo is an an actual given name and he has been referred to as simply Hugo by other Sims in the games.

Foreign NamesEdit

  • English: Goth Boy
  • French: Hugo Tique
  • Spanish: Chico Gótico / Tío Gótico
  • German: Grufti Junge
  • Dutch: EmoKid / Gothic Boy / Goth Jongen
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Garoto Gótico
  • European Portuguese: Gótico
  • Japanese: ゴスボーイ (Gosu·Bōi)
  • Polish: Got
  • Russian: Готичный Парень (Gotichniy paren)