Kingdom Resident Gordon Gordon

Character Info Edit

Role Theater Patron
Home Island Trevor Island
Interest Tech

Gordon often goes to Trevor Island to watch the plays put on by Trevor. He can be found sitting with Linda on the benches provided for the audience to watch the shows. He wears a Renaissance outfit to match the theme of the plays that are being put on at Trevor Island.


If there's one thing Gordon likes better than watching a play, it's reading a play. Or reading anything else, for that matter. Anything at all! ...Or working on his semi-historical, biographical novel about the semicolon.

After Storyline Dialogue/Schedule


Says: To really understand what happens on stage, you need to read the play first!

Area He Is In: Stage Left


Says: I'll tell ya, [player name], I think you carried Trevor in that scene with Baron Spegula.

Area He Is In: Stage Left


Says: Oh, hello there, friend! I read once that trailers were originally used for horses! No surprise since this Trevor guy uses one, too.

Area He Is In: Back Lot


Says: I wonder if Trevor enjoys spending time in his trailer. I think I would find it the perfect place to get some reading done.

Area He Is In: Back Lot


Says: Hello there, friend! I'm a bit tired, I'm afraid. I'm not quite as nocturnal as a bat-shrew!

Area He Is In: Center Stage, sleeps if any chairs/couches/beds are available, but just yawns if none