Gordon is a very studious man who would nearly believe anything, as long as it's in a book! But other than that, he's rather smart. In fact he is currently working on a book on the semicolon. He enjoys history and science, watches plays, prefers the quiet suburbs, and a tight schedule over anything else!


  • Gordon and Linda are the only two Sims in MySims Kingdom who don't offer tasks.
  • If you send Gordon on a dispatch mission into the sewers with Walker, he will make a reference about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles saying "I once read a book about the sewers it said four mutated turtles lived down in the sewers learning ninjistu." When exploring the sewers yourself, your Sim will make a reference as well, when examining the large pipe.
  • Oddly, Gordon has glasses in both MySims and MySims Kingdom but has a monacle in MySims Agents, meaning that his one eye has somehow gotten better vision.
  • In MySims Agents, Gordon may have referenced Trevor Island when he said the re-enactment of the crime is the second worst play he's ever seen. The first might have been Trevor's play.
  • In MySims Agents, Gordon's biggest fear is a giant purple alligator. The alligator he talks about could be a reference to Barney, a children's show with the main character being a purple dinosaur.
  • If you send Gordon on Elmira's dispatch mission, he will fall in love with her. Probably because she works at a library, and he loves books.
  • Gordon is the only sim from Trevor Island not to appear in MySims Party.
  • In MySims Kingdom, when you complete all of Trevor Verily's tasks, Gordon becomes your best friend.
  • Gordon could be the uber for Smarts in MySims Agents, because he has five Smarts points.
  • When you talk to Gordan at Star Level 3 in the original MySims, he says that meerkats are delicious, which is ironic because he hates Tasty.
  • If you send Gordon on Jenny's dispatch mission, he will reveal there is a novel version of Starcruiser X.
  • Gordon appears in SimCity Creator as the Public Safety Advisor for the city.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Gordon
  • Spanish: Gerardo