Kingdom Resident Gonk Gonk

Character Info Edit

Role Caveman
Home Island The Uncharted Isle
Interest Food

Gonk is a caveman living on The Uncharted Isle with his intelligent girlfriend Sylvia whom he calls "Girl". He can't speak well and loves to eat and do a variety of activities which include poking rocks with sticks and sitting in puddles of mud. He sometimes neglects his girlfriend, even after she is captured along with Bobaboo by Sir Vincent. He ignores Sylvia when he sees her in a cage but comes to the rescue when he sees baby Bobaboo in the cage with her! Poor Sylvia. Gonk later wants you to make more Food in his kitchen.


Gonk is an eternally-voracious caveman who has the bad luck to settle on an island almost entirely lacking in food supplies. His hobbies include sitting in mud pools, poking rocks with sticks and staring off into space. His best friends are Bobaboo and Girl.