Some ruins found in the garden.

Garden Map

A map of the Garden.

The Gardens is a location exclusively found onn MySims (PC). They can be accessed only once you reach Star Level 2. Once you reach Star Level 2, you can interact with the ticket machine at the Train Station in your town and ride there.

You were previously able to visit friend's gardens, however, the online features were retired by EA. You can build whatever you want in your garden and your friend's gardens, and put any buildings, essences, and objects you want in them. There are 9 lots you can build houses in and a workshop to build objects in. Every player's garden has its own exclusive essences from fishing, prospecting, and etc. When with friends online, you could type emotions, chat, and play tag by interacting with the statue in the center square.

Essences Edit

Harvesting From Trees Edit

Tag Statue

The Statue you interact with when wanting to play Tag.

Fishing Edit


A Stage in the Garden.

Prospecting Edit

Emotions Edit

Train Station

The Train Station of the Garden.

These were what you had to type in the chat box to activate an emotion.

  • /afraid
  • /angry
  • /belch
  • /blush
  • /boogie
    Ruins 2

    More Ruins.

  • /bounce
  • /bow
  • /bubbles
  • /cheer
  • /clap
  • /come
  • /confetti
  • /cry

    One of the ponds you can fish in.

  • /cute
  • /cutewave
  • /dance
  • /dancekick
  • /disco
  • /fun
  • /furious
  • /giggle

    The other pond to fish in.

  • /greet
  • /grumpy
  • /happy
  • /heckle
  • /help
  • /hipshake                                                                        
  • /hipslide
  • /hoot
  • /kiss
  • /laugh
  • /love
  • /mad
  • /no
  • /point
  • /pop
  • /robot
  • /sad
  • /shakefist
  • /sneeze
  • /stinky
  • /tap
  • /taunt
  • /tease
  • /thank
  • /time
  • /unhappy
  • /verycute
  • /wave
  • /yawn
  • /yes

Available Lots Edit

  • 9 Lots

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