Fun is one of the six interests in MySims. Characters in this Interest usually like to dance, go in night clubs, have parties, do sports/music, and other various hobbies. It is represented by a yellow head with a party hat and a party blower and is represented by the color yellow on interest color wheels.


The following are of those associated with this interest.
Fun Sims

Rhonda, Travis, and Chaz in a fun home.


Typical Fun Sim Behaviors

Sitting On Chair

  • Takes out bubble blower and blows bubbles


  • Air guitar (Annie Radd)
  • Magic (Amazing Daryl)
  • Juggling discs (DJ Candy)
  • Jumping Jacks, Push Ups & Weight lifting (Roger)
  • Kicking & Punching (Aran)
  • "Sword" fight (Ginny)
  • Listens to headsets (DJ Candy)
  • Reads scroll & Talks to parrot (Ginny)
  • Watched (Tad "Flipper" McCaffrey)
  • Uses whistle (Tad "Flipper" McCaffrey)


Be Nice Drops (for most of the Sims)


14 (16.28%) of the 86 sims in MySims love fun.

4 (28.58%) of the 14 like geeky.

3 (21.43%) of the 14 like cute.

3 (21.43%) of the 14 like spooky.

3 (21.43%) of the 14 like studious.

1 (7.13%) of the 14 like tasty.

4 (28.58%) of the 14 hate studious.

3 (21.42%) of the 14 hate cute.

3 (21.42%) of the 14 hate tasty.

2 (14.29%) of the 14 hate geeky.

2 (14.29%) of the 14 hate spooky.