Finn-MSSHP Finn

Character Info Edit

Role Pilot
Affiliation SkyForce
How to Unlock Default

Finn appears in MySims SkyHeroes. He works under SkyForce and teaches you the basics of flying along with Summer. He'll nickname you "Crash", due to you crashing near SkyForce's base. He appears as an ally pilot on various missions.


Set by FinnEdit


Involving FinnEdit


Before 1st Boss BattleEdit

None as you cannot talk to him

Before 2nd Boss BattleEdit

  • Whoo-ee Crash! I thought these drones were gonna be a problem, but you tanned their hides good!

Before 3rd Boss BattleEdit

  • You're tops, Crash! If you were a pig, I'd slap a big, blue ribbon right on ya.

Before 4th Boss BattleEdit

N/A as you cannot speak to them

Before 5th Boss BattleEdit

Whilst UndercoverEdit

N/A as you cannot speak to them

Before Mega Shark vs... YOU!Edit

N/A as you cannot speak to them

After Game is CompleteEdit

N/A as you cannot speak to him


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