Fenergy Bar

The Fenergy Bar at max energy while you race.

Fenergy is a source of energy for your car in MySims Racing to do little temporary boosts. It was invented by Dr. F for all the resident racers in Speedville to use. It is advised to take some care in using Fenergy. Charging at an obstacle while using a Fenergy boost will cause you to temporarily be stunned for a few minutes! Press the Z button on your Nunchuk to use an Fenergy boost if you are using the Wii Remote/Nunchuk control scheme. If you are using a Wii Wheel/Wii Remote (alone) to play, press the B button to use Fenergy. A Wii Remote/Classic Controller control scheme uses the L button for Fenergy. Gamecube Controller users also use the L Button for Fenergy.

While on track, you may see a bar on the left of your screen. This displays the amount of Fenergy you have collected so far during your time on the track. If your Fenergy bar is empty, you obviously cannot use anymore, and must collect some more if you want to use anymore. When you use Fenergy, your car will be given a huge boost through the track until you release the button on your remote, or when the Fenergy bar is empty. Use Fenergy to your advantage in races to get ahead of your opponent! Bumping into your opponents while using Fenergy will temporarily stun them.

Collecting enough Fenergy on your bar will cause the Fenergy bar to erupt into flames! Use Fenergy while it's still flaming, and you'll be given a boost even faster than normal! Getting the Fenergy Storm power-up will send your Fenergy bar into this level temporarily. Use it while you can!

Collecting FenergyEdit

While on track, there are many ways to collect Fenergy. Some known ways are:

  • Collecting any Fenergy diamond essences you may see on the track.
  • Doing tricks on your car while in midair (fling your Wii remote up while in midair)
  • Doing good drifts
  • Sometimes when going on a boost panel, you may receive some Fenergy.
  • Doing lightning starts
Fenergy Diamonds

Essence Diamonds

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