Faith Connors was supposed to be in MySims Agents and MySims SkyHeroes, but was removed from both games for unknown reasons.


  • The lipstick on Faith's character icon is darker than it is on her real sim.
  • Her concept art depicts her with white pants where as her sim actually has blue pants.
  • Faith appears in a picture of Evelyn Gray's apartment in MySims Agents and on the Gal Force 4's wall in MySims SkyHeroes.
  • Faith Connors is the only new Sim cut from MySims Agents, who has not appeared in MySims SkyHeroes, along with Madison Gray.
  • In Shirley's Beauty Salon in the original MySims, there is a picture of a girl that somewhat resembles Faith. However, the girl is missing Faith's brown eyes (the girl has green) and Faith's tattoo.

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