Ewan is a police officer on the resort island and a special agent in the city. He is often angry and bored because there are no citizens to protect, which is his favorite thing to do. He gives you the camera when he "assigns" you a misson to take a picture of the Symbol Tree in the Forest. He dreams of having a "lady friend" by his side, but realizes he must focus on protecting citizens.


  • Ewan appears in MySims Kingdom (Wii) as a figurine in Candypalooza.
  • Ewan has a brother named Johnny.
  • Ewan is one of the four Sims who can be played from the start of MySims Party DS.
  • Ewan was mentioned at the end of the dispatch mission Pizza Investigation by Jenny. The specific quote says, "Man I really want a pizza now. Do you think that since the mission was a success, Ewan would order us all pizza?"

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Ewan
  • Spanish: Evaristo
  • French: Etienne
  • Dutch: Ewald
  • Korean: 이완
  • Italian: Rocco