Essence Creator's Workshop

An Essence Master working at their workshop.

The Essence User (also known as the Essence Master) is the title given to a Sim who is able to utilize the power of the Essences to build furniture and buildings for other Sims. In MySims, player is an Essence User who'll help a ghost town prosper once again.

Essence Users help towns grow by moving in residents, building businesses or houses for residents, and doing tasks for the Sims that own businesses, Commercial Sims. Tasks often involve a request for a type of furniture, with some sort of requirement for a certain amount of an essence on the item. Once player has finished building the item and complete the task, the Star Level goes up. The Star Level measures progress in the basic completion of the game. Once player reaches Star Level 5, all the residents will be as happy again, but player is still able to do anything to the town as player likes.

Building items with essences corresponding to a Sim's interests helps build player's relationship with them. Every resident has different interests, and Essence Users will have to use this knowledge of their interests to build what they like. Essence Users also have to build furniture in some sort of workshop. Essences can be gathered by prospecting, harvesting from various trees, fishing, interacting with other Sims, and interacting with certain objects. Each essence appeals to a different sort of interest, and as mentioned before, the tasks that Commercial Sims offer will require a certain amount of an essence. It is the Essence User's job to know what appeals to the residents of their town.


Essence Creator

The old Essence Master.

The town's first Essence Master mysteriously disappeared. It is never explained why the original Essence Master had left, even after fully completing the game. Not much is known about him, except that he used to wear robes like a mountaintop sage, according to Ms. Nicole Vogue, that he was also like a grandfather to Poppy, and that it had hurt her when he had disappeared, according to Rosalyn P. Marshall. In the beginning of the game, there's also a picture shown of the original Essence Master, but the view is only behind his back. It appears that he has a long white beard and a curled moustache, and a dark skin tone.


Create a buildingEdit


Create a building

Essence Users build a resident's new house immediately after convincing them to move in. Player can't build a house on a vacant lot until player has a Sim player is about to move in (Unless you are in the Gardens from the PC version of MySims). Once selecting a vacant lot, you can start building the house with various parts. There are arrow buttons to scroll through sections containing block bases, windows, doors, etc. Once player has chosen a house part, player places it onto the grid. Player stacks together items player finds appropriate until player feels it's finished. Player can then change the color of the parts using paint mode, although some objects don't allow alternate colors, such as the yard ornaments.

Player can unlock new house parts by moving in Commercial Sims. Commercial Sims have unique house parts pertaining to their businesses's theme. Once unlocking their house parts, player can use them on other houses as well. Player can remodel a house player has already created by interacting with the mailbox next to its lot. Most buildings require at least one door, on the first floor, and a sign, although player's Sim's house and the buildings in the Gardens don't require a sign.




The Workshop is where the Essence User builds their furniture for the other Sims in town. There are four options once player arrives at the door of the Workshop: "Create New Item", where player starts on a new item from scratch, and "Edit an Item", where player work on an object that's currently in backpack. Once player selects either one, player will be sent into the Workshop to work on your object. Similar to create a building, there are arrow buttons to scroll through various sections containing differently shaped blocks. The blocks all appear to be made out of wood, but by using Essences, player can apply a pattern on a each block and paint it to give it a different appearance or fulfill a task requirement.

A hot tub blueprint.

Palyer simply points at a block you desire and place it on the circular platform. Player can add Essence flairs by clicking your backpack's icon and placing it onto the platform like a block. Throughout the game, the player can collect various blueprints, which are ghost outlines that show what blocks to use and where to put the block to construct a certain object. For example, a hot tub blueprint would have an outline of a hot tub. Blueprints can be collected by befriending Townie Sims, and doing various tasks for Commercial Sims.

Limit Edit

Smallest Passable Gap in MySims

The character can pass the gap on the left, which is 21 blocks tall and 6 blocks wide.

Almost Passable Gap in MySims

The gap on the left is only 20 blocks tall, so the character can't pass.

Every block player places must be touching the beige plattform with the grid. Otherwise, player can't place the block. If player places blocks above the ground and look at the top of the item of furniture, they must still be touching the plattform.

Player's item of furniture must also be 51 or less blocks tall.

If you want a character to be able to pass through a gap, the gap must be at least 6 blocks wide and 21 blocks tall.

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