Elmira Clamp is a grumpy woman who extremely dislikes noise, unpleasant things, and disruption. In MySims, Elmira comes at Star Level 2. When you first meet her, she is disgusted with the lack of a library in your town, and volunteers to help maintain one when letting her move in. In MySims Kingdom, Elmira is a pig farmer who the player is at first employed to as the pig herder before becoming a Wandolier and lives at The Capital.

Trivia Edit

  • Elmira's "Auntie Crumplebottom" is most likely a character from The Sims 2: Nightlife named "Mrs. Crumplebottom." This also would imply that she is a member of the Goth family, which is one of the most famous Sims families.
  • The Goth and Crumplebottom families have a large amount of members with the grumpy trait and appear to have many dead relatives, this may be a reason for Elmira's rude behavior.
  • Elirma's Aunt, Mrs. Crumplebottom from The Sims 2: Nightlife, has her outfit featured in My Sims
  • It is ironic for Elmira to appear in MySims Party seeing as how she states, in MySims, she hates noise, throwing parties, and confetti.
  • The experimental rock band, "Nothin' But Drums", that her father used to play in, is Odin Revolution's favorite rock band.
  • Ian Arneson is Elmira's nephew.
  • In MySims Agents, Elmira's biggest fear is unpleasant noises, and the world to be noisy.
  • Elmira and Renée are the only Sims to own pigs. Elmira's pigs being Porkz and Piggelz and Renée's being Sir Percival J. Worthington IV or Percy.
  • On her MySims Agents artwork, the spider on her book looks like Arachne from Super Mario RPG.
  • In MySims, when Elmira reads a book, the hedgehog on the cover looks like Filbert, who appears in MySims Kingdom in the The Royal Academy, and The Hedge on Forest of the Elves.
  • When you send her on Barney's dispatch mission, she has a romatic interest towards him, just like in MySims Kingdom.
  • Elmira's hatred of loud noises is ironic, as she yells at people often.
  • Elmira is one of the two Sims who like Domestic, the other being Linda.
  • Elmira appears in SimCity Creator as the Environment Advisor for the city.
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    Elmira's Figurine in Sims 4

    A Common figurine of Elmira can be found in The Sims 4 with the description:

"Elmira is sour, strict, impatient, and fussy. Her favorite sound is absolute silence and her favorite hobby is toil. On the plus side, um... she's pretty good at remembering names? That's something, right?"

Foreign NamesEdit

  • English: Elmira Clamp
  • Dutch: Elvira
  • French: Lucie Lance
  • Spanish: Elma Cepo
  • German: Elvira Schraubzwinge
  • Korean: 엘미라 클램프
  • Japanese: エルミラ

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