Kingdom Resident F Dr. F

Character Info Edit

Role Mad Scientist
Home Island Rocket Reef
Interest Tech

Dr. F has another home on Rocket Reef in King Roland's kingdom. He and his assistant, Alexa Lexington, work on their rocket ship trying to get it up and running. When you first arrive to the island, you'll see him and Alexa standing among some ruins, which used to be their lab, but a failed rocket launch caused it to blow it up to pieces. After rebuilding the lab again and helping Alexa refuel some tanks for rocket fuel, you'll help work on another attempt at a rocket launch and hook up their computers to a power source to get things running. Dr. F is still his crazy and insane self.

The two robots that he had built, T.O.B.O.R. & Proto-Makoto, don't seem to like him. Proto-Makoto, a broken prototype robot of his, resides on the Forest of the Elves after being crashed there (possibly by an explosion created by Dr. F). T.O.B.O.R., who lives on Rocket Reef with Dr. F, dislikes Dr. F because Dr. F had kept blowing T.O.B.O.R. up with his rocket launch experiments, since T.O.B.O.R. was his crash dummy. T.O.B.O.R. quits his job as a crash dummy to pursue his own dreams as owning a diner.


Dr. F is on a quest to launch a rocket into the depths of space... or to explode it into a million pieces. Whichever comes first, he's not picky. Now that he has a secluded lair of his very own, his science will know no limits!


Dr. F's rocket is complete!