Dr. F-Template Dr. F
Dr. F

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Commercial Sim
Star Level Star Level 4
Role Mad Scientist
Residence Name Dr. F's Lab of Wonders

Dr. F is one crazy man. He is a mad scientist who loves experimenting and robots and playing with dangerous chemicals, but he always plays it safe! One can see how crazy when they speak to him. When you first meet him, he greets you: "My name is Doctor F! The F stands for ROCKETS!" followed by a maniac laugh. Despite his insanity, he is a very nice person. He has wild white hair, round glasses, a white lab coat with red gloves and a pair of black work boots.


Dr. F never had much success with 'conventional' sciences. Luckily, thanks to a free class at the community centre, he discovered Mad Science. Finally, his profound insanity was an advantage! At last he could answer the important questions! What is the effect of lightning on hamsters? What is the relationship between love and robots? What happens when you put ketchup on pancakes?




Task 1

Description: First I must study some "normal" technology for my incredible invention! Go forth, Assistant [player name]!

Requirements: Stereo with 20 Springs, Stove with 20 Gears

Reward: None

Hint: I hear there's a junkyard somewhere in the desert that may have the items you need…

Thanking Dialogue: Huzzah! Now I can study for my ultimate invention…

Task 2

Description: Assistant! I seek more mundane Sim technology! More! MORE! BWAHAHAHA!

Requirements: Turntable with 30 Robot, Refrigerator with 10 Tire

Reward: Costume Chest - Capsule blueprint

Hint: I think I saw a tire floating in the water somewhere, and some robots in the junkyard, but I just don’t have the time to find them myself…

Thanking Dialogue: Yes! YES! HAHAHAHA!


Dr. F's Lab of Wonders

Task 3

Description: The secret to my ultimate invention lies in dichotomy! Nefarious deeds await in the flush of a toilet!

Requirements: Karaoke Machine with 20 Soccer Ball, Toilet with 15 Tiny Shark

Reward: Table - Atom blueprint

Hint: Sharks are traditionally swimmers of the desert, I hear. Just like soccer balls swim in forest caves!

Thanking Dialogue: Indeed, the dichotomy is SUBLIME!

Task 4

Description: Finally, it is TIME! My masterpiece: The ZAP-O-TRON! MWAHAHAHA!

Requirements: Tesla Coil with 25 Gear and 25 Robot

Reward: Decorative - Mad Robot

Hint: It is almost complete! Soon I shall unleash my Zap-o-Tron upon the world!

Thanking Dialogue: Huzzah! We must try it out immediately!


Hotel Introduction

  • My name is Doctor F! The F stands for ROCKETS!

Accept Move-In

  • Aahahahaha! Yesss! This shall be the first step on my quest for world domino shoes! I shall be here while you build my lab of wonders!

After You Build House

  • My fantastic lab! Huzzah! I cannot wait to start my experiments!

Request For More Stuff

  • Machines! Fill my lab with more machines! My moustache demands it!!!

Star Level 4

  • My name is Doctor F! The F stands for ORBITAL MIND CONTROL LASERS!
  • My moustache is made out of advanced miniature nanomachines! They deviously work 25 hours a day on my quest for world domino shoes!
  • Roasted barley makes a delicious tea! TEA! Hahahaha!!
  • Some day, I hope to succesfully merge cow and plant into a single beautiful creature! Oh, the wonders!

Star Level 5

  • My name is Doctor F! The F stands for…nothing, actually. My name is just F. The letter F.
  • Why are there never any lady mad scientists around? Would it hurt for there to be just ONE?!
  • I've thrown out Newtonian physics as an accurate model of motion. I have devised a system I call "F-tonian Physics", the first rule of which states that objects at rest STAY at rest, and objects that MOVE continue to move, in lieu of an opposing force! Haha! I AM A GENIUS!!!
  • I invented the toaster oven.

Best Friend

  • Yes, [player name], you are my accomplice in the quest for WORLD DOMINO SHOES! Hahaha! Huzzah for you!

Best Friend Reward

  • Dr. F's Outfit