Dolly Dearheart is a young girl who owns a large costume company and has costume stores in your town, in the town that hosts festivals and on Snowy Mountain. She's very imaginative and one of her favorite things to do is dress up. She also likes playing with her dolls, and she wears a pink dress with frilly white cuffs and has curly blonde hair with pink bows.


  • Dolly is the only Cute Commericial Sim (excluding Terry Toymender) not to appear in MySims Agents.
  • Dolly is best friends with Hopper.
  • Dolly appears in SimCity Creator as the Transportation Advisor for the city.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Dolly Dearheart
  • Spanish: Bella Dulcecorazón
  • Dutch: Debbie Dorpmans
  • German: Püppi Herzblatt
  • French: Nadia Coutrey
  • Japanese: ドリー・ディアハート