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MySims was released on September 18, 2007. But began development as early as Quarter 3 of 2006. During that development time many changes were made to the game.

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Analysis of the Development of MySims.

Known demosEdit

During the game's development the game was shown off at a total of three shows, with only one of those shows being known.

Laterno demoEdit

At a currently unknown show, Tim LeTourneau (mispelled as Laterno) was interviewed by Gamespot about MySims, there were four stations set up at the show, meant to display the different parts of the game

  • Station 1: Create a Sim demo
  • Station 2: Create a building demo
  • Station 3: Create a thing demo
  • Station 4: Town Demo

Bendett demoEdit

At an also currently unknown show, Matt Bendett, the head of marketing for the Sims Division at EA, showed off a demo of MySims on the Wii.

E3 2007 demoEdit

The Wii version of MySims was shown off at E3 2007 with a trailer and a playable demo on the show floor.





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