Kingdom Resident DJ Candy DJ Candy "Supergroove"
DJ Candy Kingdom

Character Info Edit

Role DJ
Home Island Candypalooza
Interest Fun

DJ Candy "Supergroove" is a DJ who travels all around the kingdom to make every party fun. She has an island named after her and is dedicated for what she does best, making music and throwing amazing parties. You won't see her when you first arrive, but once you complete all the tasks and have the island ready for her arrival, she will arrive and be ready to party. That is after you chase away all of those crabs that keep flocking to her and the dance floor. Once that's cleared, every night you will see colorful lights flashing and dance music blaring with DJ Candy behind the turntables and everyone having fun. During the day, she is snoring away in her house getting ready for her all-night parties. She lives at her house called "DJ Candy's Place" located west on the island. Her assistants, Sapphire and President of DJ Candy's Fan Club Zack help her on the island and also sleep at day to rest until night. DJ Candy has been known for her dancing, her awesome parties, and her excellent skills as a DJ. She also wants you to help her decide where to go for her next gig after Candypalooza's story was completed. Candy decides to have her gig on the moon, which is likely a reference to her dispatch mission Candypaluna from MySims Agents.


Touring the Kingdom 24/7 to ensure that every party is optimally mega-fun can sure be exhausting, but DJ Candy doesn't back down. She's always the groovin' party centerpiece and resident Kingdom genius of all things related to sweet sound, hot beats, and AV cable magnetic shielding.