Shepard-MSSHP Commander Shepard

Character Info Edit

Role Pilot
Affiliation None
How to Unlock Default

Commander Shepard appears in MySims SkyHeroes as a playable pilot. He is unlocked from the beginning and you can play as him in Single Player races and dogfights, or in multi-player games.


  • Commander Shepard is the human protagonist of Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3, whose gender, appearance, skills and pre-service history are all customizable and have an impact on the story.
  • Shepard was born on April 11, 2154[1], is a graduate of the Systems Alliance N7 special forces program (service no. 5923-AC-2826), and is initially assigned to the SSV Normandy as Executive Officer. Shepard later becomes the first human to join the Spectres, an elite special task force for the Citadel Council.

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