Clara Belle is a cute and young girl who loves cuteness and playing with toys. She resides in your town, the town that hosts festivals, and is a typical beachgoer at the boardwalk.


MySims and MySims PartyEdit

Clara appears with pale skin, big green eyes, and a small smile. She wears her brown hair in two small pig-tails on the side of her hair, orange bands holding them. She wears a yellow sweater with a pink ribbon around the neck, and a plaid, pink skirt. She also wears two wristbands, a white flower in her hair, and blue shoes.

MySims AgentsEdit

In MySims Agents, Clara appears at the beach wearing a pink and purple, polka-dotted, one-piece bathing suit. She wears purple sandals and now has red hair, blue ties holding her pigtails. All of her other cosmetic features remain the same.


  • In several screenshots and images of MySims, it is shown that Clara (or a Sim that looked like her) had black hair.
  • Also, Clara appears in the MySims Party trailer, but she has black hair instead of brown.
  • In MySims Kingdom, Clarabelle is one of Roxie's cows.
  • Clara has brown hair in MySims and MySims Party, but has red hair in MySims Agents.
  • Clara's concept artwork shows her with red hair and blue bands holding it together, however, in MySims and MySims Party, Clara has brown hair with orange bands.
  • In MySims Beta, Clara has red hair with blue bands rather than brown hair with yellow bands, freckles, a smaller mouth, and lipstick.
  • Clara was also set to appear as a rival racer in MySims Racing (Wii), however she was cut at a later date.
  • Clara appears in SimCity Creator as the Transportation Advisor for the city.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Clara Belle
  • French: Claire Belle
  • Spanish: Clara Bella
  • Dutch: Paula Belle
  • German: Clara Bella
  • Japanese: クララ