Kingdom Resident Gino Chef Gino Delicioso
Gino and His Flour Machine

Character Info Edit

Role Pizza Chef
Home Island Cowboy Junction
Interest Food

Chef Gino Delicioso has another home on Cowboy Junction. He lives in and runs an outdoor pizza cafe. In addition to Chef Gino owning a restaurant, he also has a farm not far from the establishment. On the island, there is a robber who is causing trouble for Chef Gino such as disabling his sprinklers for his tomatoes or making the flour grinder not functioning anymore. It's up to you to help out Chef Gino to get his farm up and running again in order to open up his pizza cafe again. Later tasks include sprucing up his farm and restaurant.


Chef Gino's endless search for the freshest and rarest of ingredients has led him to this quiet outpost. Stone-ground flour, heirloom tomatoes, and artisanal cheese should form the perfect paragon of pizza perfection. But still, something is missing...


Chef Gino at his farm.