Charles "Chaz" McFreely is a famous athlete and a daredevil stuntman, who's never content until something has been done to...THE EXTREME! He tends to be cocky, and is slightly naïve at times. He often bullies other Sims, mainly Travis in MySims Kingdom, and Luke in MySims Agents, due to the fact that all three have some sort of a crush on Summer.


MySims, MySims Kingdom Wii & DS, MySims Party Wii & DS, MySims Racing Wii & DSEdit

Chaz has spiky red hair, styled similarly to Travis' hair. He wears blue jeans and a black jacket with white and red stripes on it. He also has black shoes, and wears blue and yellow sunglasses.

MySims Agents (Wii)Edit

Chaz wears a white, blue, and red jumpsuit with stars on it. After you complete a certain case, he wears a helmet that matches the outfit.

MySims Agents (DS)Edit

He wears black sunglasses and a yellow and black wetsuit with a star on the front.

MySims SkyHeroes Wii and DSEdit

His appearance is similar to the outfit he wears in the Wii version of MySims Agents, except he doesn't wear a cape or helmet. Also, he wears a brown vest with two pockets in the front, and on the front of each pocket there is a white star. He also wears boots that are the same color as his vest.


  • It is interesting to note that Chaz owns shark-themed items, like his plane & his car, due to his inability to swim.
  • According to Official Nintendo Magazine, Chaz McFreely is based on their then-editor, Chandra Nair.
  • Chaz's name means "free man", which might suggest the possible etymology of his name. Since Chaz is always "extreme" and bold, this suggests his freedom in whatever he does. This also might be the etymology of his last name ("McFreely").
  • Chaz has brown hair on the MySims cover, but in the game, it is red. The same thing happens with MySims Racing.
  • It appears that Chaz has a crush on Summer. In MySims Kingdom for the Wii, if you choose Travis to dance with Liberty, Chaz tells Summer that he has always liked her cheers. In MySims Agents, he appears jealous of Summer's admiration for Luke.
  • Chaz has appeared on every cover of the MySims games except for MySims for the DS and MySims Agents . Coincidentally, the sim in the center of the box who is presumably the main character of the game on the Wii version of MySims Agents has a face nearly identical to Chaz's MySims Box cover look.
  • Chaz is one of the two sims who has a fanclub; the other is DJ Candy.
  • In MySims Agents for the DS, Chaz appears as the local surfer. However, irony has it, that in MySims Agents for the Wii, he doesn't know how to swim and says that he hates surfboarding.
  • It is ironic that in MySims Racing, Chaz gives you surfboard themed items when you win his rival race, because he states in MySims Agents that surfboarding is lame.
  • On the cover of MySims for the Wii, he wears black sunglasses instead of his usual blue and yellow pair. He also has a different pair of eyes.
  • In MySims Agents (Wii) and MySims Racing (DS), Chaz has lighter skin than any of the other games.
  • In MySims SkyHeroes, one of Chaz's missions is called Id, Ego, Superego. This references his huge ego and the three parts of the psychic apparatus.
  • In MySims SkyHeroes, Chaz says his catchphrase is "Go Rad or Go Home". It is a reference to some of the lyrics, "Go Hard or Go Home" from the Rihanna song, "Hard". It is also a reference to "Go Big or Go Home".
  • The only games he hasn't appeared in is MySims DS and MySims Mobile.
    • This means he is one of the two sims that has appeared in the most games. The other is DJ Candy
  • In MySims Kingdom, if you choose Travis to dance with Summer, Liberty reveals that Chaz's real name is Charles when she furiously demands that he dance with her.
  • As seen in a beta MySims Agents screenshot, Chaz was originally a recruitable agent.
  • In The Sims 4, Chaz appears as one of the MySims trophies that can be collected by players. He is a common trophy and described as: Chaz McFreely is the world's greatest extreme sports athlete, according to Chaz McFreely. In his mind there are only two kinds of people: Chaz Fans and Chumps. Which are you?
  • Chaz appeared in SimCity Creator as a Finance Advisor for your city.


Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Chaz McFreely
  • Spanish: Manu Montana
  • French: Bob Slègue / Chaz McFreely
  • German: Max von Sinnen
  • Japanese: シャズ・マクフリーリー (Shazu Mikufurīrī)
  • Korean: 차즈 맥프릴리 (in The Sims 4, '샤즈 맥프릴리')
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