The organization Chaos Pirates appears in both versions of MySims SkyHeroes. It has been said that they have "taken over the skies". The Chaos Pirates consist of Raphael, Rose, Dragomir and Svetlana. The Chaos Pirates were once a bounty hunter group looking for work until Morcubus hired them to work for him. They are mainly in charge of keeping other pilots under control and protecting the game's bosses.



  • Each one of the Chaos Pirates has a fierce appearance that symbolizes their roles as stereotypical mercenaries. They show all the basic motifs of antagonist minions: viciousness, sadism, ruthlessness, dark humor, and willingness to cheat and backstab.
  • The way the Chaos Pirates talk about you, it would imply that they once held you in great regard when you were one of them, and now they are quite bemused with you joining Skyforce. Raphael even states he doesn't understand how you could be in league with "these amateurs", as he calls them.


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