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For the MySims SkyHeroes Location, see SFB Capital Island.

Capital Island.

The inside of King Roland's castle.

The harbor.

The dock and the Royal Boat.

Capital Island is the capital of the kingdom and the island where you start the game, working as a farm hand for Elmira Clamp. It is also the home of King Roland and his daughter Princess Butter who rule over the kingdom. The island is also home to Marlon, the king's personal wizard; Barney Cull, the harbormaster and the gate's caretaker; Buddy, a messenger for the king, and Lyndsay, an explorer.


Once you have created your Sim, you will find yourself working on Capital Island for a grumpy pig farmer named Elmira Clamp. She tasks you with herding her pigs Pigglez & Porkz. Upon completing her task, your friend Buddy, the king's royal messenger, will ask you to play. He then drops the royal invitations for the Wandolier contest and wants you to help find them. When you find all 8 of them, your friend Lyndsay, a local explorer, comes over and tells you that you are going to take part in the Wandolier Contest. The spoiled Princess Butter then arrives and tells you that you will not win, you hurry to the castle to compete. When you arrive, King Roland announces the contest and you are introduced to the wizard, Marlon, takes you to the Isle of Magic. You must perform a series of small tasks to prove you are worthy of becoming a Wandolier, this includes finding chests of Mana, which is a special Essence used to power wands. You eventually win and Princess Butter is left angry at the result, but King Roland promises to get her a unicorn. Barney gets the runner-up prize, a toaster oven. You, the winner, will recieve a magic scepter, and Lyndsay a magic bag. You are tasked with helping the Sims of Capital Island. You first help. Barney get home, back at the harbor. You build him a bridge across a river so you can get to Capital Island's garden. Then you encounter a cliff and Marlon pops up to explain Scrolls, the recipes for Magic Scepters. You accquire an axe from Elmira by socializing with her and gather 30 Wood Essences to unlock the ability to build stairs. Next you get to the Harbor gate and it's shut and you need gears to open it. Princess Butter pops up and says that she stole the Gear Scroll from Marlon and you can't have it. You socialize with her, and she gives it to you, she says shes sorry for being so mean but she just wanted you to stay. When you return to the harbor gate, you connect gears from the water wheel to the switch, and the gate opens. You walk through, and see that Barney lives in a boat. He is concerned because he is having 'friends' over, and he wants you to build a house for him. He then gives you his old treasure finder and you search for Essences for the House Scroll. Once you have built Barney's house on the outside and inside, Marlon and King Roland will appear and send yourself, Buddy, and Lyndsay on a quest across the kingdom to help the other islands. Barney asks you to find all the fish in the world and show them to him. Buddy's pigeon Guillermo will come and tell all of you when you have earned enough King Points and more islands will be unlocked. Then you have a choice, to stay on Capital Island and explore for a bit, or set off to other islands.

Island Residents[]



You working at Elmira's house.

Pulling Weeds[]





King Roland-In a chest on the cliff above the Harbor gate(the one where Princess Butter stood at to tell you that she stole the gear scroll)
Breast Plate of Resistance - By prospecting


  • In the French version of  MySims Kingdom Wii, the narrator says that you must bring the pigs to Emilie. However, the narrator appears to have meant Elmira.
  • Capital Island, along with the Reward Island and Isle of Magic are the only islands without a fishing spot.
  • Strangely, the bridge wasn't there before Barney arrived at the castle, questioning why he was surprised to see it wasn't there.
  • While working on the gate, it's possible to climb to the top and go around the locked gate. However, if you do so upon landing you will be teleported back to the front. It's similar to Marlon transforming so it's likely that opening the gate is part of the test and the teleportation is his doing.
  • In MySims Racing, the same music that plays for when you are traveling to the Capital Island plays when you are talking to King Roland.