DJ Candy "Supergroove" starting the party!


Zack welcoming you to the island.

Candypalooza 2

Upon arriving at Candypalooza.

Candypalooza 3

The player dancing.

Candypalooza 4

Everyone having fun.

Candypalooza is an island the player unlocks on the map when Vic Vector goes into space on the rocket built by the player near the end of Rocket Reef and records the map of it on his cellphone for the player. The island's attractions include a stage which is being set up for DJ Candy to play on by her producers Zack and Sapphire, a nice beach, and Candy's house. The island houses many crabs and has "crab migration season", which is when the crabs come out and crawl all over the island.


The player comes on the island with Lyndsay and Buddy, and they are greeted by Zack, who asks for the player's help on preparing the island for the "world-famous" DJ Candy, who was invited to come to Candypalooza. The player sets up the stage by designing it and connects the DJ booth and the amps to an electric source. Then they make DJ Candy a house, designing it in and out.

After finishing this, DJ Candy conveniently appears on the island just in time, but this soon is interrupted when a large horde of crabs start crawling around the island because of "crab migrating season" (according to Zack). The player is asked to help again by herding the crabs to the beach. After doing this, the story ends with DJ Candy DJing while everyone takes a turn at dancing. After Buddy finishes dancing, DJ Candy asks the player to DJ as well while she goes on the dance floor instead, and the story ends with the player DJing and everyone dancing.

Island residentsEdit

  • DJ Candy "Supergroove", famous DJ and island owner (Once certain tasks have been completed).
  • Sapphire, hyper roadie and drink maker.
  • Zack, head roadie and head of DJ Candy fan club.


  • Crabs, migrating shellfish (for small amount of time)


Pulling weedsEdit





Alexa Figurine Fishing in the fishing spot near the dance floor.
DJ Candy Figurine DJing at the DJ booth.
Gino Figurine Complete Sapphire's additional quest.
Officer Ewan Figurine Weed number 3 of a weeding chain.
Bird of Paradise In the DJ booth area, behind the windmill.


  • This is the only island where everyone has the same interest (Unless you count Reward Island, where you don't have an interest, while Buddy and Lyndsay both have Fun, and unless you count Renee's Nature Preserve with Renee being the only resident).
  • Candypalooza is the smallest island in the Kingdom (with the exception of the Reward Island, the Isle of Magic and the Uncharted Isle)
  • The island's name may be a reference to the annual music festival Lollapalooza.
  • This is the only island where everyone sleeps during the daytime. (After a long night of partying.)
  • Candypalooza is very similar to the Uncharted Isle geographically but have a different landscape. The Uncharted Isle is very rocky and dry while Candypalooza has much more vegetation.

Foreign namesEdit

  • English: Candypalooza
  • French: Sophibiza
  • Japanese: キャンディパーティ
  • Polish: Candybiba
  • Spanish: Festival Candela

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