Kingdom Resident Buddy Buddy

Character Info Edit

Role Royal Messenger
Home Island The Capital
Interest Fun

Buddy lives on Capital Island as the Royal Messenger. He is the one who informs you of the Wandolier competition and will join you and Lyndsay on your quest in making the citizens of the kingdom happy again. His pet carrier pigeon delivers the messages from King Roland to you when you're out on your adventure. He apparently is able to communicate and understand his pigeon. Buddy is truly a great guy with a kind heart and serves as comic relief.


Buddy may not be the sharpest tool in the drawer, but his infinite optimism and loyalty make him a great friend to have around. As the Royal Messenger, he keeps in constant contact with the King by way of his pet carrier pigeon Guillermo. Buddy can scare easily, but for friendship he will brave anything, even dinosaurs or zombies!

After Storyline Dialogue On Each Island

Forest of the Elves

Day: Heya, pal! I wanna be a frog man too! Ribbit!

Night: Zzzzz...Mmmm...Tasty frog legs...

Trevor Island

Day: I love the theatre!

Night: I love the theatre!


Day: Think Grandma Ruthie will give me some free cookies?

Night: I'm not gonna sleep around here! No way, pal! Gotta...stay awake...practice...knock-knock jokes...

Cowboy Junction

Day: Howdy Partner! Hah! I'm a cowguy!

Night: Wow, night sure gets dark here. Do you think it gets this dark on other islands, too?


Day: This place is so bright and cheerful!

Night: Even at night, this place is pretty cheerful! I love it, pal!


Day: It seems like the party never stops around here, pal!

Night 1: *Yawn*

Night 2: Seriously, [player name], where's the candy? And the free cake? I think they're hiding it from me!

Reward Island

Day: I still can't believe it, pal! Your very own island! Just think of all the amazing things you could build...

Night: So, when's dinner? We ran out of cupcakes DAYS ago!!!

Renée's Nature Preserve

Day: Let's go help Renée improve the island, pal!

Night: It gets scary here at night, pal! I wonder if the sun's still up on other islands...

The Uncharted Isle

Day: I wonder what Gonk used to eat before we came along?

Night: Heya, pal! Seen any more dinosaurs?

Capital Island

Day: Let's go visit the pigs, pal!

Night: It's weird, pal! I can't keep my eyes open!

Rocket Reef

Day: I'm a robot! Bloop bloop!

Night: Do you think people get tired in space, pal?

The Royal Academy

Day: Heya pal! Do you see any cafeteria anywhere?

Night: Shhh! Don't wake the giant hedgehog!