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The mansion.


Violet Nightshade comforting Zombie Carl, the mansion butler.


Sims inside the Mansion's foyer.

Cyrus Boudreaux owned a Victorian-style mansion called the Boudreaux Mansion, and employed Carl as his butler. This mansion is found in the bayou. After Cyrus dies, a will reading is to be held at the mansion while his niece, Madame Zoe, lives in the estate. This is where the Fortunite Crystal was found broken. There is a will reading happening in the house. When the player arrives, the announcement of the will reading was the first thing heard. After the player was asked by Madame Zoe, the player begins to find clues leading to Zombie Carl breaking the fortunite. After further investigation, asked by the player, finds that Madame Zoe hypnotized Zombie Carl, and made him break a fake Fortunite Crystal, while Zoe kept the real crystal, due to her not inheriting her uncle's estate and the Fortunite with it. It is later revealed that Cyrus left Violet the mansion due to a close relation to her mother during the Crown of Nightmares project. It is presently unknown what happens to the mansion after obtaining the Fortunite, since both of the present inhabitants of the estate (Violet Nightshade and Carl) become recruits for your agency, and you can not return to the mansion.

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Residents and VisitorsEdit


  • Bayou
  • Carl's attic
  • Crystal room
  • Dining room
  • Foyer
  • Kitchen
  • Library
  • Secret passage
  • Swamp nook


  • The Boudreaux Mansion may be based on a setting in a famous novel written by Agatha Christie.
  • The mansion is found in a swamp, possibly making the setting in Louisiana, where there are many swamps. It is also where Madame Zoe is from.
  • The level seems to be based on the board game Clue.
  • The outside of the mansion seems highly similar to Zombie Carl's swamp in Spookane. Seeing the fact that Violet and Carl both came from Spookane, it seems very possible it takes place there.
  • Inside the mansion, there are pictures of some Sims. There is one of Morcubus, a woman who appears to be Roxie Road's grandmother, Barney Cull, Violet Nightshade, Faith Connors and Lord Daniel. It is unknown how Cyrus knew them, excluding Morcubus (who Cyrus worked for) and Violet (who's mother knew Cyrus very well).
  • At the top of the swamp nook, after you've discovered the trophy of Paul, your character notices a carving on the wood that reads "...US...LOV...VY" which could mean "CYRUS LOVES IVY."

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