Animal Info Edit

Animal Dinosaur
Home Island The Uncharted Isle

Bobaboo is a green baby triceratops with teal stripes living on The Uncharted Isle. Sir Vincent discovers this rare living dinosaur and tries to capture him to put in a museum to put on display for money, but you and your gang, along with Gonk and Sylvia rescue Bobaboo. After Bobaboo is out of the cage, he noticeably tries to follow you around the island. Sylvia seems jealous of Bobaboo because Gonk seems to like him more than Sylvia.

Bobaboo also appears briefly during the events in Speedville. He appears with Gonk taking care of Sir Charles, who washed upon the shores of the uncharted island.


IMG 0902

Bobaboo's cameo in MySims Racing

  • Bobaboo makes a cameo in MySims Racing as a decorative hood ornament and also in one of the cut scenes after the Snowy Cup.
  • Bobaboo is the only animal to reappear in MySims Racing, or to reappear at all.
  • Bobaboo, translated, means "any type of monster".
  • Bobaboo is the only animal to follow you around after the main storyline in MySims Kingdom.
  • Bobaboo is mentioned in MySims Agents if you send Gonk on Chaz's dipatch mission.
  • Bobaboo makes a cameo in My Sims Agents as a silhouette on a gas station sign on Main Street near the Mayor's Office