• CaptainSheepy

    I figured it would be helpful to list them in the infobar, as some of them aren't named very obviously (Tina Doll is called "cutedollgirl" in code) so you may be able to edit your playerRecord.xml file with the right ID tags. This can really only be done one at a time, so bare with me. Let me know if this is a good idea or not, though I've already kind of started.

    In each article, I have the ID listed in quotations and all lowercase. So the ID for Lemon is listed as "lemonslice".

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  • 1up20xdey6

    Hi everyone. Longtime wiki reader, first-time blog writer. This is kind of more like a call out for a little help. I'm part of a group channel called RetroTronic and one of the segments we plan on doing is discussing forgotten games called Open Game Casket. The MySims series as a whole is one of the episodes I'll be doing for it (most likely a 6-part episode) and I would love if anyone of you would be able to help out gather information that might be worth noting in it. Any bits of info would help and anyone who would like to help can leave a comment below.

    -Thanks in advanced: 1up.

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  • Micah394606

    Fanmade Sims

    October 28, 2018 by Micah394606

    If anyone has ideas for fan-made characters, please dress your character up as them and send me a picture. Then tell me the name, the interests, the dialogue, and maybe even the blueprint reward! If you have good ideas, I will give you a shoutout on another blog posts!

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  • Flipper117

    I just hit 700,000 Simoleons in MSA for DS, I want to know if anyone's ever been that high up.

    Yes I spent way too much time playing the DS versions :P

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  • Alliecatcasey
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  • Qubit2222


    So this just happened in The Sims Mobile apparently

    My favourite Sim returns...

    Only took 9 years l0l

    (Yes this post is pretty pointless deal with it)

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  • Icecream18

    Project 10 - Official Blog

    September 15, 2018 by Icecream18

    Hello wikians of past and present! While the wiki has been in essentially a post-apocalyptic state since 2015, and it likely will remain that way in the following years, for one very special day this year, I intend for this dead state of the website to be broken.

    What is this special day, you might ask? It's the tenth anniversary of the MySims Wiki!

    Yes, somehow this little website about a modestly succesful EA spin-off and its relatively unsuccesful sequels that followed has been around for a decade!! 

    This idea was originally proposed over eight years ago on this blog; users would log on once more to remember the time they spent here. It was also correctly predicted that the users then would no longer be active in 2018, though it was incorre…

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  • Icecream18

    The Reunion

    August 3, 2018 by Icecream18

    For the past two-ish years its been talked about, one last chat or something on the wiki's 10 year anniversary in December. Some people have entertained the idea but who really wants to do it? We could probably get a bunch of people together for one last hurrah, but only if people are actually interested.

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  • Qubit2222

    It's been over 8 years since I've set foot on this wiki for the first time.

    Back in 2010 the wiki was thriving.

    2012-2014, it was still thriving, but the end of the MySims series gave an air of uncertainty in the wiki's future.

    Now it's 2018, and the wiki is effectively dead.

    Who's left?

    Here's a list:

    • Qubit2222 (That's me)
    • Potterfan1997 (The admin)
    • Icecream18 (The other admin)
    • Dentface (Another admin who comes in every once in a while)
    • Bandicootfan63 (The rollback)
    • Lefotsticks (A new user who mainly has knowledge of MSR-DS)

    We seem to only have 6 users left - will we be able to rebuild? I could probably convince some people on Discord to help bring this place back to its knees, could that help us out?

    Qubit 17:16, June 5, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Bandicootfan63

    Didn't expect to come back to find this. I don't even remember any of the emoticon codes or I'd be spamming them. I'm a little sad but it makes sense after so much time without real news on the series, it's only natural for everyone to move on at some point. But hot damn, last comment on the word association game was like nearly six months ago now. I feel old. Will anyone even read this?

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