• Ielzituh

    I made a new The Big Mod for MySims, since the Big Mod is dead, it is already done, cool right?

    Let's check it now:

    We have Seasons, Player House First Floor, Gino First Floor, unlimited stores placing, monthly tasks events, Halloween event, Christmas event, and so much more!


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  • RobloxPony

    Mysims Unlockables

    April 6, 2020 by RobloxPony

    Hey, does anyone know what all of the unlockables are in Mysims Party? As in the clothes, hairstyles, etc.?

    and does anybody know if the voice used for Violet, Renee and Star in that game is an available unlockable? Thanks.

    I never have enough time during the day to get through a whole festival to unlock things. Most of the time festivals take

    so long to complete, I get tired.

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  • Moonlightst

    Anyone out there?

    March 2, 2020 by Moonlightst

    Hi there MySims Wiki community!

    I just wanted to make a general blog post to see if anyone is still active on this Wiki and if so, maybe we could get a group chat or something of the likes going to keep the community active and alive! 

    If you're active, please introduce yourself below & let's see how many people we can get to join in...

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  • StormieCreater

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I figured out the voice actors for each voice type and tried to match them up. Of course, I knew Buddy's and Gino's voices right away, but the others I had a bit of trouble matching with. But, now, I've seemed to match them up!

    Buddy's voice type- Greg Cipes (obviously) 

    Gino's Voice type- Scott Menville (also knew this one) 

    Trevor's voice type- Roger Jackson 

    Agent Walker's voice type- Owen Thomas 

    Poppy's Voice Type- Nikki Rapp 

    Violet's Voice Type- Danielle Judovitz

    DJ Candy's voice type- Georgina Cordova or Donna le Tourneau (I haven't figured this one out yet...)

    Lynsay's voice type- Julie Nathanson 

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  • AryssaM99

    Good to be back

    November 8, 2019 by AryssaM99

    Good evening, even though this wiki is not as active as it used to be when I was around, I would like to re-join and reintroduce myself to those who are still there.

    My name is Aryssa and I used to be on this Wiki a lot. I haven't logged on for 3 years, and I can't log back on my old account, because I have deleted the email that it was under. So, I made a new account to start fresh and check up on things.

    How have things gone for everyone? I am currently in college working on a vet tech degree and studying nonstop. Last time I was on here I was probably 17. I am 20 now.

    I hope things are going excellent for everyone here and I'm happy to be back, and hopefully meet new users here.

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    Fanmade Sim

    October 2, 2019 by OOFERMAN999


    Appearance:This Sim Heavily Resembles Nintendo's Mascot,Mario. He Wears An Orange Cap With The Letter D On It,An Orange Shirt,And Green Overalls. His Moustache Is The Same As Chef Gino's.





    Commercial Sim

    Residency:Dario Twins Plumbing

    Task 1:Dario Will Ask For A Sink With 12 Metal. Dario:Mamma Mia! I Just-a Created This-a Company,And I Don't-A Even Know Anything About Plumbing! Could You Get Me A Sink So I Can-a Practice Plumbing? Hints:Metal Can Be Collect By Destroying Trees That Grow Gears,Springs,Or Robots. After Completing The Task:Yahoo,Let's-a Begin! Reward:Table(Mushroom)

    Task 2:Dario Will Ask For A Toilet With 12 Angry Essences Dario:MAMMA MIA!!! I Just Bought A Plunger,But I Don't-a H…

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  • The Genegolst

    Look,this was meant to be said a while ago. But anyway,I am planning a reboot of Millard High. It will be great. Nuff said.

    Oh,and by the way...

    I know it has ended but I don't care,it will be great and perfect.

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  • Jonasabbou13

    hey dudes!

    March 19, 2019 by Jonasabbou13

    what is this wiki about

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  • Limited2gal

    Hi all....and whoever remain. It’s me again, Limmy. Well, you can still call me that, i don’t if that’s technically me anymore....

    Truth is, just a little over a year ago i actually made a new wikia account. Between forgetting my login for this account, my last activity here being a slight blowup, and....i came out almost a year ago as trans-masculine. While the name “Limited2gal” is still extremely nostalgic for me, it just simply doesn’t feel like it accurately describes “me” anymore. 

    So, i’m putting a halt to this account and wish to continue editing under my new account, SailorSkeleton. Limited2gal will for now on serve as an archive of sorts.

    This account will always have a special place in my heart, but i made it 8 years ago in 2011, …

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  • CaptainSheepy

    I figured it would be helpful to list them in the infobar, as some of them aren't named very obviously (Tina Doll is called "cutedollgirl" in code) so you may be able to edit your playerRecord.xml file with the right ID tags. This can really only be done one at a time, so bare with me. Let me know if this is a good idea or not, though I've already kind of started.

    In each article, I have the ID listed in quotations and all lowercase. So the ID for Lemon is listed as "lemonslice".

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