Barney Cull is a ship captain and harbormaster, who owns several boats, one of which he purchased from Ol' Gabby's junkyard. On your journey throughout the MySims Kingdom, he lends you the Royal Boat for you to travel from island to island. He appears in MySims SkyHeroes as an admiral and father of Mira Cull.

Roles in gamesEdit


  • Barney Cull's name is a pun of the word, "barnacle".
  • In MySims Agents, Barney talks about a toaster oven that he won in a contest. This is referring to MySims Kingdom, in which he won it by earning 2nd place in the Wandolier Contest.
  • In Barney Cull's first task in MySims Kingdom, he gives you a scroll called Solid Gears of Metal. This is likely a reference to the video game series Metal Gear.
  • Barney's picture is seen in the Boudreaux Mansion, meaning he is either a friend or relative to Cyrus Boudreaux.
  • The cap Barney wears in MySims Agents resembles the Pokémon Wailord.
  • According to Mira, Barney has an FPhone, which is probably a reference to the iPhone. Also, it could've been made by Dr. F.
  • During the postgame of MySims Agents, Barney states that that he doesn't want to sail on boats anymore and wants to take to the sky, which could be a reference to MySims SkyHeroes.
  • Barney's MySims Kingdom concept artwork has a mustache, despite the fact he doesn't have it in the game. The wrinkles on his forehead suggest he was originally meant to be much older. However, this is not confirmed. Also, sometimes Barney is seen with a mustache during missions in MySims SkyHeroes.
  • Although Barney is out at sea a lot, he is allergic to stingrays.
  • Barney may have a romantic interest in Elmira because she has said a few times that she has feelings for him.
  • Although he doesn't have his own trophy in The Sims 4, he is mentioned in the description of Ol' Gabby's trophy.

Foreign namesEdit

  • English: Barney Cull
  • French: Barnabé Chamel
  • Japanese: バーニー・カル
  • Spanish: Barni Percebe


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